Issue by Issue – Starriors #2

Writer – Louise Simonson
Artist – Mike Chen
Inker – Ian Akin, Brian Garvey
Colours – Julianna Ferriter
Letters – Joe Rosen

The Protectors have set out to rediscover humanity, to find out if they still exist in some way, shape or form and it is a task that is almost impossible given how much time has passed and made even harder thanks to the Destructors. Louise Simonson who pens this tale improves upon the first issue by upping the ante, making it even more high stakes for the protagonists of the book as they have not only the Destructors to face but the threat of a live volcano in which they take momentary shelter, the giant spiders that make said volcano their home and members of their team which have become a liability. As seen in the last issue, a couple of their number have lost themselves, their minds fractured and so they need the Transfer Ring that the Destructors have in their possession in order to heal their friends which leads to a daring raid on the villains. Also making things just a little bit harder is the fact that the Protectors might have a traitor in their midst, though who it is exactly is unknown. As it is, the book is packed with both drama and action, the latter being quite good as both heroes and villains have to face off against the giant spiders and the volcano in which they make their home. A standout among the masses is Deadeye the giant robotic T-Rex and Cricket, who for all intents and purposes, serves as his eyes and wherever they go, destruction is soon to follow. The one thing that still hampers this book is the overly large cast which Simonson tries to feature as much as possible making it hard for readers to differentiate between them. All of the antagonists feature a red colour scheme while those on the side of good are blue and while some do look unique like the aforementioned Deadeye, too many of them are not and keeping them straight is a chore. The cast needed to be either slimmed down or what Simonson should have done was keep the focus only on the main players – not everybody can share the spotlight. Altogether though, the book was a vast improvement upon the first issue and it definitely makes the reader want to find out if the Protectors are going to be successful in their mission which at the moment, is a question yet to be answered.

3 out of 5

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