Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. Annual #2

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Lou Manna, Todd McFarlane, Michael Bair, Mike Machlan, Ron Harris
Inker – Tony DeZuniga, Jerry Ordway
Colours – Lovern Kindzierski
Letters – Jean Simek

While busting up a drug deal that is going on, Mr. Bones and Wildcat run into Mekanique, seen previously in All-Star Squadron, as well as an old man who gets hit by a car and turns out to be none other than Per Degaton, now dead succumbing to his injuries. The man is soon revived by Mekanique and the two are followed by Wildcat, sans costume and recovering from her injuries. Just before though, readers are given a short tour through Per Degaton’s history and origin thanks to creators Roy Thomas and a bevy of artists as well as that of Mekanique. The All-Star Squadron is shown as is the Justice Society during their run-ins with the villains and through it all, they are defeated at every turn. There is one saving grace though that the two have been waiting on and it is Dr. Zee’s time machine, a machine that is due to return at any moment now in the present and with that, the two hope to use it to their advantage, first at defeating those superheroes who have stood against them and then the possibilities are endless. Thomas does a great job with this tale by putting the spotlight on the two evildoers and he makes it even more interesting by digging into the relationship between them, for what it is and as it stands. Mekanique loves Per Degaton, as much as any woman can though for the man’s intelligence and the like while he on the other hand feels no such thing for her, only using her and going along with what she says in order to fuel his own ambitions. Mekanique for her part has an inkling of Per Degaton’s true feelings and she knows that he could very well abandon her once his goal is in sight once again, as he has done so in the past and so it makes it quite interesting to see just who is going to turn on who when all is said and done. That being said, Infinity Inc. actually plays a part in all this and they enter the fray with Mekanique getting the upper hand at first, though they do win out in the end and it is only due to the fact that it is Mekanique who is the one that brings said fight to a finish and all because of love or a lack thereof. A great book from start to finish.

4 out of 5

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