Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #15

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Bob Haney
Aritst – Jack Abel, John Severin

Robert Kanigher and Jack Abel tell a story on two fronts, one from the point of view of Capt. Storm and the other from an officer in Tokyo, one Lt. Satumi. The two men have lived a relatively similar life growing up on different sides of the ocean and as they have gotten older, they both find themselves serving their country’s military, the both of them eager to serve. As time passes, each of the men also has their fair share of victories and each of them has lost a limb, thereby fighting a personal battle to regain their commands so that they might continue to serve. As it is, it was only a matter of time before their paths would cross, as if the fates had destined them to meet upon the field of battle and they do just that. Abel makes the book come alive quite beautifully and he paints the angst and horror and bravery of the men involved so that readers are hooked upon each and every panel of this story. It goes as one might expect, explosions and mighty feats of daring both by Storm and Satumi but when all is said and done, only one of them can come out on top and that man is Storm, who in the end finds a bit of camaraderie with the enemy and tries to save him even though it comes to late to do so. Kanigher writes a moving tale as well as an exciting one and it works on every level making for a great piece of fiction. Combat Cool closes out the book and it too is a tale full of action and drama thanks to Bob Haney and John Severin. It follows one soldier and the men he is stationed within the desert and to say they find it hot is putting it lightly. Wearing full gear in what is otherwise an oven is not how they wanted to spend the war and yet, here they are and they need to make the best of it if they are to survive the day, every day. What happens to the main character though is where the story gets its name from and it finds him gaining a measure of relief whenever he is in pitched battle. He somehow, someway finds it cooler to be fighting than to be stationary waiting it out and so by the end of the tale, he looks to keep himself engaged with the enemy so he doesn’t have to feel the heat. Two great features in one great book make for yet another fantastic reading experience for those that manage to delve within its pages.

4 out of 5

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