Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #34

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley
Artist – Alvaro Martinez
Colours – Brad Anderson
Letters – Steve Wands

Finally, it comes down to Hush versus Batman in what is possibly the final round. Before that happens though, Hush has to set off one more explosion to make sure his plan succeeds and if blowing up Julia Pennyworth is part of that equation, so be it. One thing that this series has been proving so far is that Hush is playing for keeps and it is good to see a villain playing for keeps and pulling no punches. He wants to ruin Bruce Wayne in every way possible and come the end of this issue; the man has taken a giant step towards accomplishing that very goal. Seeing Batman so on the ropes is also a good thing, the man being unable to prevent anything that is happening as Hush has been planning this stuff for so long and is continually three steps ahead of Bruce at all times. While Batman has usually thought of every contingency, every counter for every scenario, this is something he never would have thought would come his way and seeing him on the ropes like this is kind of refreshing. Making for a nice change is seeing Julia in action though Hush does get the better of her and it would have made more sense if Batman had called everyone in to avert the crisis at hand. The cliff-hanger the book was left on was a good one and something that was completely unexpected. Even with everything that has happened over the course of the series, it would have been hard to predict this, to actually see this coming and that would take this book from being just another good chapter and transforming it into a great one. The best thing about this book, aside from that ending, is the way it keeps the pace up, the way it keeps the action going while continuing to further the story with each and every issue. If DC were to ever tackle another weekly title, it would do well to take a cue from this series.

4 out of 5

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