Four Colour Thoughts – Maestro: World War M #1

The Creators – Peter David – Writer, Germán Peralta & Pasqual Ferry – Artists, Jesus Aburtov & Matt Hollingsworth – Colours, Ariana Maher – Letters

The Players – Maestro, Abomination, Namor, MODOK, Rick Jones, Doctor Doom, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Janis

The Story – The Abomination has woken to a world he no longer knows, his place in it uncertain and his future even less so. Enter Namor, the Maestro and what is Doom planning?

The Take – The book opens on the Abomination who rules in Russia with his beautiful wife at his side and Bruce Banner a scientist enslaved to him. As it turns out, it is but a dream and he is soon awake and wondering just where it is he might be now or more specifically, when. Peter David might frame it as a tiny bit of a mystery to begin with but readers will know automatically just where it is that Emil Blonsky finds himself and one can only imagine the fight the two monsters will have when they finally meet up. As it is, that might be a little ways off as Blonsky is confronted by Namor who invites him into his home beneath the waves, the man far more cordial than seems normal. Suffice it to say, Namor has a plan and that involves preventing humanity from taking hold upon the face of the Earth once more and to do that, he needs to get rid of the Maestro. David also gives us a look at Doom who was soundly trounced in the War and Pax miniseries yet not defeated and Doom, like every other time he has faced some sort of setback, means to face it again and he means to win. That means getting rid of the Maestro and while the Maestro sees no threat in Doom and is content to let him lie, Doom will come back stronger than before and one has to think that his plans will coincide with Namor’s. Peter David writes a masterful tale and it is good to see this third and final part of his Maestro trilogy come to fruition and even better, for readers to see how the monster went from Hulk to Maestro before the events in Future Imperfect. Teaming up on the artistic front is Pasqual Ferry who opens the book up on that dream sequence before Germán Peralta takes over for the remainder. Altogether, a well-put-together tale that fans should enjoy, especially considering all the players that David and company have set in motion.

Worth It? – Yes.

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