Issue by Issue – Flash Gordon #6

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Evan Shaner, Greg Smallwood
Colours – Jordie Bellaire
Letters – Simon Bowland

After reaching Skyworld, Flash and Dr. Zarkov have been captured by some siren-like ladies while Dale has been captured by the winged men who reside there. The winged inhabitants want the crystal that powers the Z-Plane and to save herself and her friends, Dale takes a page out of Flash’s book and tells them a little lie which almost works out in the end. Chalk another win-up for the creative team on Flash Gordon for crafting another fun and thrilling ride with Flash and his friends. Arboria was quite an interesting place but Skyworld is a little more so with its biggest inherent danger being the landscape. Flight is a necessity and without their plane, our heroes are woefully unequipped to navigate this world so giving up the power crystal is a no-go. There is the usual quota of comedy that is pretty funny, most especially when Flash is being held prisoner and waiting for his ‘turn’ with his women captors. What is really nice to see with this particular chapter is Dale taking the lead and the initiative, which is not something readers have really seen too much of up until this point. She is just as strong a character as Flash and Zarkov and going forward, it would be nice to see more of this happen, it being hopeful that this is not a simple one-off experience. Evan Shaner’s pencils, along with a bit of help from Greg Smallwood, look as fantastic as usual, giving the book a modern, yet old-school feel which is especially easy on the eyes. Of course, Jeff Parker with his dead-on dialogue and quick pacing leaves the issue on a cliff-hanger which will have you coming back for more. If there is one thing this book seems to be about, it is having fun, fun with the material and providing as much as possible to those that read it and it makes for a great read because of it.

4 out of 5

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