Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #7

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Brian Murray, Howard Simpson, Michael Bair
Inker – Malcolm Jones III, Bob Downs
Colours – Shelley Eiber
Letters – Jean Simek

Seven issues in and Young All-Stars delivers its most inconsequential issue thus far and yet it still managed to be a lot of fun despite being so. The bulk of the book was taken up by America’s Favourite Pasttime, that being baseball which is also a staple of the comic book landscape for whenever any team has some downtime, it always seems to be baseball which they end up playing or attending or what have one. So it is that the All-Star Squadron takes on the Young All-Stars and despite everyone supposedly just out having a friendly game, the rivalry between the two groups gets a little real and a bit heated. It makes it even more entertaining and by the time that it is all said and done, the junior team pulls out the win though even that is debated quite heatedly. As it is, all is well that ends well and everybody still remains friends. Additionally, there is the mystery of the woman named Tigress, what her motivations are, where she has come from and just what Roy Thomas has in store for her and the rest of the team. While these types of issues are sometimes a welcome respite from heavier storylines, this book has not had one as of yet and so it feels almost wasted like Thomas could have used it down the line though there is every chance that he just does it again anyway. There was nothing overly bad about it, content-wise or anything creatively, it simply seemed like a waste of time aside from the fact that it allowed the team to gel a bit more, to actually become a team and that was a good thing.

3 out of 5

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