Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. #51

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Michael Bair, Lou Manna
Inker – Bob Downs
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Jean Simek

Roy Thomas and friends open this book with a bit of happiness and cheer and then they end it all with the biggest of tragedies. As for the former, it begins with the wedding of Hector Hall and Lyta Trevor, something that has been long in the works and to see it finally come to fruition is a good thing. The team is happy, though it is hard to say if Nuklon is just putting on a front as he recently told her how he really feels, and more importantly, Lyta and Hector are happy. As the night progresses, people start to filter out and Skyman is given a message from Jade that something is happening with Solomon Grundy who has been locked up at their headquarters for the last little while. Before Skyman heads down though, Mr. Bones has to get a little something off his chest and that is the current situation with Helix and how there has not been any movement on that front for quite some time. Sylvestor understands and means to make it a priority and for that, Bones is thankful and accompanies the man down to see Grundy. From this point on, the reader knows something is wrong as do the two heroes who stand before Grundy and the person who is obviously not Jade. What follows is a battle though it is really no battle at all as Grundy disables Skyman almost immediately, knocking him out of commission which leaves only Mr. Bones and against Grundy, cyanide death-dealing hands or not, he is no match for the monster. What follows is the unthinkable as the villains of the piece, who are revealed to be many by story’s end, have Mr. Bones kill Skyman, though it is of no fault of his own. This, of course, looks bad for Mr. Bones which is what was intended and now with their plan in full force, Injustice Unlimited can proceed unfettered. This was a great tale by Thomas, one that was perfectly illustrated by Michael Bair and Lou Manna and it had everything one could want from drama to action to some incredible super-villainy. Things are definitely ramping up and one has to wonder why it took so long for this title to get to this point, why it could not have been this good the entire time. A great read from start to finish.

4 out of 5

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