Off the Rails – The Blood of Ghastly Horror (1971)

Featuring a nonsensical name in The Blood of Ghastly Horror, this nonsensical movie is a hard if not fascinating watch simply for the fact that it is utterly ridiculous in every way, shape and form. It begins as one film, turns into another and then another by the time it is done and all of it held together by the loosest of threads and the celluloid it was captured on.

The film would find John Carradine as an old doctor who decided to do a little experimenting which might not have met all the medical criteria or approvals that it needed at the time. So it is that a dead man find’s himself alive because of this and he kills Carradine because of it and does a little robbing on the side. As robbery is against the law, the police soon catch up with him and he gets shot to death, clutching the jewels he coveted as well as a doll in which they were concealed belonging to another man’s daughter. The second half of the movie seems as if it is in no way connected to the first except loosely through Carradine’s daughter who has been having some psychic-like dreams. Also present is another mad doctor, mad that his dead-alive son was killed and he means to take it out on everyone involved through the use of his zombie Akro and by making Carradine’s daughter into one as well. Suffice it to say, shenanigans take place and the film surprisingly ends on a happy note.

To say that this film is drivel is understating the fact, yet for all the time it wastes, for all the terrible that director Al Adamson puts on the big screen, one cannot help but watch it like some incredibly horrific train crashing right before one’s eyes. One cannot fault Adamson for making such a picture for that is what he is known for – movies that are not that good. As for this picture, it is actually the third iteration of the material that the man has put forth to the public, the first being Psycho A-Go-Go, then reworking it into The Fiend with the Electronic Brain with additional footage and finally this picture in 1971 after shuffling and inserting more footage. Not a bad way to stretch a buck if one can get away with it and while he did, the end result was quite terrible.

In a demented sort of way, this film was entertaining and one simply has to see it for themselves to find out the inexplicable reason why. That being said, those viewers who choose to do so will never get that time back again and might regret it when all is said and done.

1 out of 5

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