Issue by Issue – Flash Gordon #5 (2014)-

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Sandy Jarrell, Richard Case, Evan Shaner
Colours – Sandy Jarrell, Jordie Bellaire
Letters – Simon Bowland

Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov have made it off Arboria and are on their way to Sky World, a planet much like Earth. Flying along, they run into a large biomass that captures them and it turns out to be some sort of planetary defence/travelogue creature. Not only does it stop them from continuing onward, but starts to detail the wonders of Ming to them. Of course, they do not want to die there, nor listen to a recitation about the glory of the Merciless one, so Zarkov comes up with a plan and they manage to get out of there. Finally reaching Sky World, all is well until Flash and the doctor starts acting all strange and take off into the air when some strange sky-sirens start singing their song. That is when Dale learns the bad news. Jeff Parker continues his run on a book that can claim more than any other to be the one that delivers the most amount of thrills and pure enjoyment consistently, from any publisher at the time of its release. The book is broken into two parts, with two different art teams and it actually works quite well with the artwork being fairly consistent between the two. There is a lot of humour present in this lighthearted tale and Flash is a character that one cannot help but love. He is so full of wonder and one could say innocence and there is not a lot that really bothers him except when he fails his friends or cannot find a way to help them out. Flash enjoys life and takes it as it comes, as should everyone really. This issue would also see Dale stand out more than anyone else, giving her a chance to shine and prove her worth to their little team in more ways than one and by the looks of it, will play a much larger part in this arc than the former one. Once again Flash Gordon delivers a magnificent tale per usual from the regular team of Parker and Evan Shaner with Sandy Jarell and Richard Case along for the ride.

4.5 out of 5

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