Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #32

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley
Artist – Jason Fabok
Colours – Brad Anderson
Letters – Taylor Esposito

Hush is determined to teach Spoiler a lesson, so she is quite lucky when Batman shows up before it gets out of hand. But even after suffering a minor defeat against the Caped Crusader, Hush has plans that will cripple Batman to an extent that he cannot even imagine. Issue after issue, Batman Eternal just keeps getting better and better. Every one of the plot threads that began from the very first issue has all been leading up to what is happening now and it is a very exciting moment to be reading this book. The fight with Spoiler was a lot of fun and it was quite humorous to see her pull a ‘Batman’ on Batman. Alfred finally made his way back home to the Batcave thanks to the man he serves but it is then that Batman realizes just what it is that Hush is up to and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Bard also makes his return this issue, still a little injured – his ego and his pride more than anything and he is still working with Hush and blindly following orders without possibly knowing the full ramifications of just what it is he is doing and what is going to happen. As the series progresses, it does not look like there will be anything of Gotham left as Hush is destroying it piece by piece. The book would find its star all over the place, saving the various members of his team, trying to piece things together and it is superhuman, to say the least. Alfred is not yet fully recovered and Spoiler is still coming into her own and as for the rest of the team, they are still dealing with their own things so it is Batman that has to put a stop to what Hush and Bard have planned, though when it comes down to it, one has to wonder if he will be able to. Factor in Vicki Vale who may just be the catalyst for the eventual disarming and de-cowling of Batman if she goes along with the plan Hush has set in motion and it makes it all quite exciting and even nailbiting given the tension that has built up. Simply put, a really, really good book.

4 out of 5

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