Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #6

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Brian Murray, Howard Simpson, Michael Bair
Inker – Malcolm Jones III, Bob Downs
Colours – Shelley Eiber
Letters – Jean Simek

So it is, that after the strongest members of the Young All-Stars are captured by Axis Amerika, those who are left must somehow defeat the enemy and rescue their comrades. It is definitely easier said than done and they know they are going to be in for the fight of their life but Neptune Perkins, Sandy and Dyna-Mite aim to succeed and for that, they will need the help of Tsunami who currently sits in a detention center. Roy Thomas and company then send the team right into the thick of it, surprising the villains with a quick attack and while it seems for a bit as if they are going to fail, they manage to turn things around, freeing their teammates and with all of them together again, defeat Axis Amerika. With the way it is left, readers know that the villains will be back at some point but for the moment, all is well that ends well. That being said, a number of things do happen such as the aforementioned recruiting of Tsunami back to the team and it does not come without a bit of animosity as her family still sits in a determent camp. Also present is a lot of needling and outright racism on Sandy’s part who cannot stop poking at the situation where Tsunami is concerned. Thankfully though, by the time the book has wrapped up, he has had a few moments to sit back and look at what he has been doing, not to mention seeing how Tsunami has fought for the team and saved them when they needed help the most. What follows is an apology to Tsunami, something that never seemed like it would be coming but it does and it makes for one of the nicer moments in the book. In addition to all of that, while Iron Munro is seen battling Ubermensch, the latter relates to Munro that he knows something about his past and after teasing the man about it, he clams up leaving Munro agitated and somewhat furious. Finally, Thomas and his compatriots reveal the darker side of Fury and the fact that when her anger surpasses a certain level, she transforms into one of the mythical Furies called Tisiphone – a demonic being that Iron Munro somehow manages to cage back within the mortal form of Helena Kosmatos. Overall, this was the best issue of Young All-Stars thus far with some great pay-offs, more mysteries and a book that makes readers want more of the same.

4 out of 5

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