Issue by Issue – The Coven #5

Writer – Jeph Loeb
Artist – Ian Churchill
Inker – Norm Rapmund
Colours – Brett Evans
Letters – Liz Agraphiotis

The Pentad and the mystical objects they were collecting are all but forgotten as this issue kicks off with Fantom who is currently in battle with a bunch of Goblyns who have just fed on human blood. She is none too happy and just when it looks like she has defeated them, she is pulled underground, though by what remains to be seen. The book then cuts to Christina Baker who is back home in New York City and wondering what Blackmass is up to and so decides to give him a visit. Last she had heard, he was trying to heal Pentacle and upon arriving, finds that still to be the case. As for Spellcaster and Scratch, they find themselves at a whorehouse in New Orleans where things are not quite as they seem and they too are dragged below by some Goblyns and it is there they find Fantom, not herself and looking positively evil. Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill hop right into the thick of it with this issue, beginning a new story arc which overall turned out to be fairly decent and better than most of the previous issues already published. It was a short book, only clocking in at around sixteen pages of story and art which is a real shame as it definitely could have been much longer and it breezed by in no time at all. True, it may not have overstayed its welcome but having it stick around a little longer would not have been a bad thing. The creative team touch upon all of the characters which was nice although it was brief and they set up a mystery that needs solving, mainly that of how Fantom has come to be some sort of Goblyn Queen and leaving readers to wonder just how it is that she will be saved if indeed she can be. Ultimately, the book would give very little in the way of story as it was just too short but what was here was done just fine. Unlike the first four issues in this series, this particular book at least makes the reader want to come back for more and see how the creators intend to resolve the story and that, as always, is a good thing.

3 out of 5

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