Issue by Issue – Flash Gordon #4 (2014)

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Evan Shaner
Colours – Jordie Bellaire
Letters – Simon Bowland

Flash is pretty proud of himself at the moment as the Arborians are ready to revolt and the arena where he was sentenced to die has just blown up. With Dr. Zarkov’s help, the Governor has been reprogrammed and together, they release all of Barin’s men that are currently being held and awaiting transformation. After the men are freed and the factory is destroyed Flash hopes that it might be enough for a full-scale revolt but things are never that easy, especially when it comes to going up against Mongo. After Flash gets some well-deserved rest, Dale explains the workings of the space/time channels which lets Ming rule all that he does, something they hope to take advantage of if given the chance. As such, Flash Gordon is ready to leave and Barin thanks him for giving them hope and for helping them when no one else was able. Jeff Parker continues to chronicle the adventures of the original Star-Lord, Flash Gordon, and it continues to be exceptionally fun and exciting even now, four issues in. With this chapter, it turns out to be the last issue in the current arc with Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov heading off onto a new adventure which if this is anything to go by, should be excellent. Parker peppers the book with a lot of humour as Flash is especially footloose and fancy-free. Flash might seem almost careless at times but he cares and for those that know him, he cares a lot, he just does not show it all of the time. Dale has little to do in this issue except provide emotional support and Zarkov gives just as many laughs as Flash does but they do play an important part in rounding out the book. Evan Shaner continues to provide exceptional pencils to the title and along with Parker, really make a modern-day dream team. Dynamite has put out some truly great books over the years and this one stands tall among them, perhaps taller than most as it always entertains and does so thoroughly.

4.5 out of 5

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