Issue by Issue – Flash Gordon #2 (2014)

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Evan Shaner
Colours – Jordi Bellaire
Letters – Simon Bowland

The second issue of Dynamite’s Flash Gordon series sees the titular hero and the gang taking advantage of the local residents with their identities still under wraps. As the hospitalities continue, Flash cannot help but show off, kind of like Tony Stark if one were to make a comparison and proceeds to embarrass, without realizing it, of course, his hosts and their champions. Prince Barin is a little wary of Flash and his friends, thinking they are not who they say they are but he has no way of proving it just yet, though little things here and there give them away. He is a man that is going to keep his eyes open but such as it is, it is not until he shows them the factory that creates soldiers for Mongo that Flash’s identity is finally given away due to his very own actions. This was another great issue from Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner featuring the pulp hero in his new title, a book even better than the first issue which is strange to say and it features some very smart dialogue and a nice pace to keep the reader hooked from cover to cover. That is not to say that Shaner does not pull his weight because he does and more and it is so slick and fun to look at that once done, reading it again might be exactly what the doctor calls for. All of this almost makes it feel like a guilty pleasure it is that good and one can only imagine how great it will be when the action really picks up. Parker has been doing a fantastic job for years on various titles so it is nice to see him on a Dynamite book and that they had the faith to put the man on this book in the first place. So while the heroes might be in a bit of a pickle, readers would not have it any other way and once Ming gets involved a little more fully, it is sure to be quite the spectacle.

5 out of 5

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