Favourites of 2021 – Television

There was a lot – a lot – of good television this year. So much so that it was hard to keep up with everything. Below are some great shows that ended up on the small screen, a sampling of what 2021 had to offer.

Yellowstone Season 4 (Paramount) – Picking up right from where the previous season left off with that giant cliff-hanger, it moves forward and finds the Dutton family still trying to hold it all together while bits keep falling off despite their best efforts. With one of the best casts in all of television headed up by Kevin Costner, the show proves that it still has legs as it moves towards its final episode of the season, one that is sure to keep viewers glued to their seats wondering just what is in store when it comes back around again.

Money Heist (Netflix) – While some might argue that the show might have dragged on for just a little too long, it would not feel as such as there was always an overabundance of tension and suspense not to mention action, mystery and intrigue to keep it all moving along at a very brisk pace. That is not to say there was not any room for a bit of drama, some backstory and even a laugh or two but it would rocket along to the conclusion everyone knew was coming and when it was all said and done, it was bittersweet as this would be the last time people would ever see this cast together in the same room again, so to speak. The good news is that there are multiple spinoffs planned, the first starring Berlin and airing in 2023. It cannot come fast enough.

AEW Dynamite (TNT) – Professional wrestling has had its highs and lows over the years and in the case of newcomer AEW Dynamite which has only been around for just over two years, it has built itself up into a major player with top independent talent, fresh newcomers, homegrown stars, WWE castoffs and legends as well as a healthy respect for what has come before and a willingness to play in other sandboxes like NJPW, Impact, ROH and AAA. It is far and away one of the most exciting products on the market right now and with a mix of great matches and long-term storytelling, it is sure to only get better with time.

Dexter: New Blood (Showtime) – With the return of Dexter to the small screen, it managed to hit all the right notes as well as that nostalgia factor to make for one of the most-watched and streamed shows of the year. The initial run might have ended with a bit of a sour taste but it has come roaring back and it makes for very compelling viewing as it leaves people wondering if the Bay Harbour Butcher will make a full comeback or if his Dark Passenger will attach itself to his son. With the show’s finale also fast approaching, one has to hope that they find a way to continue the show beyond this one season.

Elves (Netflix) – There is nothing quite like a good bit of horror and with Elves taking place at Christmas, it makes it all the sweeter as plays off of the perception people have of Santa’s little helpers and turns it all on its head. If one is looking for a twisted take on the beloved creature, this is the place to find it and it makes for some suspenseful viewing.

Stargirl Season 2 (WB) – This show definitely got a lot better in its second season and bringing in Eclipso as the Big Bad might have seemed a bold move given he is far more powerful than the current incarnation of this team but it worked and made for great viewing. If there was one weak link, it was probably the new Dr. Midnight but hopefully, she grows into her own and starts doing something other than being the anchor that weighs the team down. All that aside, the characters all had their moments and a bit of the spotlight throughout and all looks great as it moves into its third season.

Sisyphus (Netflix) – For those that like their time travel shows, this one will not disappoint as it is filled with just that, paradoxes, science and high drama, not to mention a bit of action, consequences and a cast of incredible actors and actresses to bring it about. Even better was the fact that it was all wrapped up in one season making it a complete story and no need to wait another year for more.

Loki Season 1 (Disney) – Probably one of the more surprising shows of the year but one cannot go wrong with Tom Hiddleston and even better with Owen Wilson who gave viewers exactly the performance they were looking for – Owen Wilson doing Owen Wilson. With a lot of Lokis peppered throughout, a romance between two of the Lokis, a battle at the end of all there is and Kang to boot, this show made for fantastic viewing and one of the best of the year.

Other notable shows from this year:

Chucky Season 1, The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead/Walking Dead: The World Beyond, Star Trek Discovery Season 4, Dark Side of the Ring, CSI Vegas, Evil Season 2, Prodigal Son Season 2, Lost in Space Season 3, Squid Game, Hellbound Season 1, Hawkeye, Locke and Key Season 2, You Season 3, The Chestnut Man, , Katla, Sweet Tooth, Outer Banks Season 2, Elite Season 4, Lupin Part 2, Ragnarok Season 2, Bitter Daisies Season 2, Sky Rojo, Capitani Season 1, The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

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