Issue by Issue – The Coven #3

Writer – Jeph Loeb
Artist – Ian Churchill
Inker – Norm Rapmund
Colours – Awesome Color
Letters – Richard Starkings

The book opens on Fantom, using her vampiric powers to get herself a snack while being followed by a strange man who somehow knows Christina Baker and is now looking to find her. While that is all going on, Christina is doing a little research and having a conversation with Blackmass, the former being a little intimidated by the latter and wanting to know about the magical objects that are currently in play. On that note, the Pentad is not resting on their laurels as they already hold three of the five objects and look to acquire their fourth. The book soon ends with Christina meeting up with Grimoire, brother of Blackmass and member of the Pentad who is looking to explain his side of the story, for what reason remains unknown. Much like the previous issues in this series, the book breezed along fairly quickly, there being very little substance for readers to latch onto while looking quite good thanks to penciller Ian Churchill. Even with Blackmass explaining the situation to Christina, he did very little of it and writer Jeph Loeb could have expanded greatly upon this to give readers something to make them feel their investment in this book was worth it. The opening scene with Fantom was unneeded and was without context, merely an interlude in a book that did not need one while the villains would go about their business with the heroes doing nothing. Even with a little character work within, everything about this title thus far is all show and no substance and the show is great to be fair but why is this team together, why are they doing what they are doing while doing little of it and what is it are they trying to stop. Nothing is answered as the questions are hardly asked and it makes it all a frustrating read because of it. There needs to be more and as the book has already hit the halfway mark with this issue, it is hard to imagine that it will improve in any fashion.

2.5 out of 5

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