Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #10

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Hank Chapman
Aritst – Irv Novick, Jack Abel

Only the Last Man Lives is a tale unlike any other that this book has seen thus far, at least where Capt. Storm is concerned, as it begins from the point of view of the enemy. Shoshi who commands his ship much like Storm commands his is a proud man and one who will fight for country and for honour above all else and he does just that. He racks up victory after victory and he writes to his wife, telling her of what he has accomplished as well as his desire to return home. Soon enough though, he runs up against a challenge that he is not able to overcome and that is Capt. Storm and he too, has never met a man like Shoshi. Robert Kanigher and his partner in crime, the one and only Irv Novick deliver the goods with this story and provide some thrilling pages for the reader. While the book might have started with one man, it ends with another and of course, it is none other than everyone’s favourite captain. A second story titled T.N.T. Hot Seat is about a man who is captured and used as bait to lure the rest of his fellow soldiers in so that the Germans might kill them. This of course comes back to the title of the tale and the explosives mentioned within which are buried beneath the sand just out from where said prisoner is tied up. He knows that his men are going to be driving into an ambush and that he does not have long before they do just that. This means that he needs to escape and he needs to do so now but it is not going to be easy and the enemy waits just out of sight and all around. Hank Chapman does a great job at creating a fair bit of suspense and Jack Abel does an expert job at making it come alive, the intensity of the situation being made immediately clear. As a whole, this book worked on every level between both stories, each one exciting and thrilling and perfect pictures of just what the war – any war, entails which is not necessarily the scenarios pictured here but the unexpected which can alter them in any number of ways. Here, as luck would have it, it all worked out for the protagonists of each tale and even more so for the reader, an excellent book through and through.

4 out of 5

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