Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #3

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Brian Murray, Howard Simpson
Inker – Malcolm Jones III
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Jean Simek

The third issue of Young All-Stars begins with a bang as the All-Star Squadron find themselves in a pitched battle with Axis Amerika. As it is, they are not doing so well and it is thanks to the few new heroes who happen to enter the fray that the tide finally begins to turn. One of those is Fury who has lost almost all semblance of reason as she can only see red after she thinks Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick have been struck dead. She takes the fight to Ubermensch and he is more than a little surprised at not only the ferocity of the attack but at her strength. This in turn happens with Flying Fox and more so with Iron Munro and it is not long before they signal a retreat, the Nazis having been completely prepared to take on the All-Star Squadron but not these added newcomers. Roy Thomas and Brian Murray do an excellent job with the beginning of this book and the reader cannot help but be enthralled by the excitement on the page. As it is though, Thomas slows the pace down for the latter half of the book with Howard Simpson as the battle comes to an end and the All-Star Squadron looks to sort things out as well as figuring out just who all these young men and women are. Arriving on the scene is the President of the United States, FDR accompanied by Dyna-Mite and the Commander-in-Chief proposes an idea concerning these young heroes as well as officially making the Squadron an official branch of the US Military, at least so long as the war lasts. Welcomes are made, respect is given to the fallen TNT, speeches are given and when all is said and done, despite a bit of hemming and hawing from Iron Munro, they have all agreed to become junior members of the All-Star Squadron with Dyna-Mite and Sandy joining their ranks. There was a lot to love with this book and it was not only well-constructed with a couple of touching moments but Thomas and company leave it all on a cliff-hanger which should make things very interesting for the heroes going forward.

4 out of 5

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