Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #2

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Brian Murray
Inker – Malcolm Jones III
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – David Cody Weiss

The book opens on Green Lantern who is currently filming a promotional short and is interrupted by Neptune Perkins and Tsunami who relate their tale to the man in order to get a bit of help against the villains who call themselves Axis Amerika and it is here that readers learn Tsunami was to be the group’s Japanese representation. Roy Thomas and company then cut to Iron Munro who is at the hospital with Dyna-Mite in a fairly touching scene that almost works as it is supposed to but the dialogue from Munro seems to clash with that from the injured teen hero and is slightly jarring though not enough to truly ruin the scene. It also finds Iron Munro meeting the Shining Knight and letting others, people other than himself, know about his powers. Finally, the meat of the book sees Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle bring their ‘niece’ Helena Kosmatos to the All-Star Squadron’s headquarters and the three of them are greeted warmly. Before proper introductions can be made, Axis Amerika strikes and they catch the Squadron off-guard and they give the heroes a fight they never reckoned with. As it is, while the All-Stars play it fast and loose, treating the Nazi team as almost a joke and they are indeed not that and soon enough the good guys are on the ropes and being taken out one by one. This leads to Axis Amerika standing tall in the end with Helena both upset and furious at what has just happened which leads her to transform into Fury, leaving the book off on a cliff-hanger and one that is sure to signal a little bad luck where the villains are concerned. Thomas and those who craft this tale alongside him do a fine job with this second issue but they are no closer to crafting a team as of yet than they were with the last issue. That is not to say that they are not moving towards that goal and they obviously are given that this is a team book and it will be good to see these Young All-Stars begin to meet each other as it seems that Iron Munro and Fury are about to collide in the next issue while Neptune Perkins and Tsunami are already companions of a sort. Some exciting action and a good story make this second issue a fun read in this ‘origin’ tale.

3 out of 5

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