Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #9

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Hank Chapman
Aritst – Irv Novick, Jack Abel

For this issue of Capt. Storm, Robert Kanigher and Irv Novick present something just a little bit different with the lead story as it finds Storm and company doing their usual tour, facing off against the enemy and yet, things do not go exactly as they would hope. Such as it is, when the crew comes out of each battle, they find they have only done so by accident, some bit of luck or fate or what have you has carried them through when it would not have otherwise done so. Storm’s Jaygee is a mite embarrassed by the circumstances and while Storm tries to drive a little pep into him, his Jaygee soberly reminds him that they have been extremely fortunate as of late and it is nothing to brag about. This, of course, drives it home for Storm and so when they rescue an island girl from a raft who was planning on avenging her fellow tribe’s members, it leads to their next mission and he leaves nothing to chance. As for Storm’s Jaygee, he is not going to let Storm do this mission on his own and when it is all said and done, the man finds himself proud to stand alongside his captain. This was a great story by Kanigher, much like the rest of the series and Novick continues to make it look exceptionally well, filling it with drama and excitement on every page. A second story by the creative team of Hank Chapman and Jack Abel called Desert Takes All! comes from the point of view of the enemy, specifically the commander of a German Panzer division. It begins with the man saluting his enemy and then delves into how that all came about. While on patrol, a small American tank is spotted, one that is almost not worth worrying about and yet, as they take the threat lightly, that small tank gives the Germans all the trouble in the world as one by one, it starts picking off the Panzers. The man who thought there would be no trouble with the Americans is now regretting his nonchalance and he decides to go after them hard, leaving nothing to chance and yet no matter what he throws at them, they persist and as such, earns the German commander’s respect when all is said and done. Like all things in war though, there are no winners. Two great tales about the fortunes of war and how sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not.

4 out of 5

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