Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #25

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins
Artist – R.M. Guera
Colours – Giulia Brusco
Letters – Steve Wands

All hell has broken loose in Gotham after Commissioner Bard convinces Vicki Vale to publish a news story about possible terrorist attacks on the city. It was obviously not a good idea, not one that was thought out very well that is and as such, there are riots and crimes being perpetrated everywhere and Batman finds that he cannot keep up with everything that is going on. While that is all taking place, Red Robin has finally returned to the city, as have Batgirl and Red Hood and things are not as idyllic as they remember. Batman finally gets the information he needs to prove that Bard is corrupt and Hush starts to taunt him by telling him there is nothing that he can do while the city is being torn down around him. Eternal delivers another solid issue in the ongoing saga about the fall of Gotham at the hands of Hush. It is a book that has seen threat after threat come forward and tear at the edges of the city, breaking it down so that it teeters on the edge of collapse and it has been more than a good read thus far. There was some fun banter in the book going on between Red Hood and Red Robin at Alfred’s bedside and it really lightened the serious nature of the story up. It looks as if Gotham is in a whole lot of trouble and what started out as simply a Jim Gordon story has now evolved into one that has the city in its sights and all who reside within instead of one concerned with a single man, though to be fair, Gordon is as much an integral part of Gotham as Batman is. The mystery of Bard is starting to come more into focus with every passing issue but what his connection to Hush is, still remains to be seen though having it finally start to be revealed means that there must be more secrets as this is not even the halfway point of the series yet. The greatest thing about the book is that it is becoming more and more compelling to keep tuning in, finding out where it leads and wondering just how it is the city is going to come back from this.

4 out of 5

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