One and Done – Cabbot: Bloodhunter #1

Rick Veitch – Writer
Rick Veitch – Artist
Eric Cannon & Norm Rapmund – Inkers
Laura Penton – Colours
Steve Dutro – Letters

Back in 1997, sometime before Maximum Press folded up shop, Cabbot, the mercenary leader from the team book Bloodstrike, was to receive an ongoing title of his own. As it would turn out, the book which would be written and drawn by Rick Veitch would only see one issue hit the stands with little fanfare, a more than likely reason as to why only one issue was ever produced. Reading this book, one will immediately realize that there are multiple situations that require having a familiar background of the character, of Bloodstrike and their enemies to make any sense of what is going on though Veitch does attempt to give a little background information. That being said, while he does a decent enough job of it, there is simply too much going on with too many characters to understand their motivations and the like. It is apparent that Mars Gunther and Solomon are villains and that Cabbot is a part of a rebirth program that currently finds him regenerating in a tube at the moment while said villains kill each other in front of him. The rest of the book also seems to be presented as flashbacks, no doubt the mind of Cabbot trying to reorganize itself as it forms itself back into a working organism and when it all concludes, the program that Cabbot is a part of is being shut down with Cabbot being put out to pasture and waking as some half-alive creature that knows it wants to live, leaving the book on a cliff-hanger that would never be resolved. Despite the confusion most might experience in reading this, there is enough here to make people want to come back for more, enough mystery and enough intrigue to warrant at least one more issue though it was never to be. It is a bit of a shame as many of the concepts and books put out by Rob Liefeld’s various studios and publishing ventures had the potential to be great and yet, like everything with the man’s stamp of approval, this would be another casualty in a long line of casualties. If one were to come across this book in a quarter bin somewhere, it is an interesting curiosity on its own and one of the final chapters in a much larger tapestry of the Bloodstrike legacy and worthy of a pick-up for those two reasons.

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  1. Actually just re read this last week , going through a 90`s image binge read, and discovered 2 extra chapters of this story in supreme 46 and 47. Looked like it would have been good

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