Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #24

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins
Artist – Andy Clarke
Colours – Blond
Letters – Steve Wands

Spoiler finally returns to the pages of Batman Eternal and it finds her spying on her dad and a mysterious figure from which he is receiving his orders. As readers of the title know, it is probably Hush, though the writers could be throwing a curveball with this one. Batman is having a little trouble contacting Batwing and is starting to figure out that something might be wrong at Arkham Asylum. And the book ends with Spoiler outwitting and outrunning her dad as he tries to kill her for what she knows and the trouble she has been causing. Though this issue seemed a little short, though in fact, it was not, it was a great read and it was nice to see Spoiler come back and see a little movement on her story. One of the more interesting things taking place is the continual sabotage of the city, of how there seems to be a plan to wreck and ruin as much as possible and to wear down those who live within it. With the city already on the edge of breaking, the things that take place can only push it further beyond the point of no return. As for Stephanie, where she goes from here is anybody’s guess but it is hopeful that it involves her finally meeting up with Batman and her part of the puzzle coming to light in the grand scheme of things, especially now that her father – the Cluemaster has been arrested, though perhaps not out of the picture as fully as she might want. There has been no movement on the Arkham plot for a few issues though it is good to see that Batman is on the case and realizing that something is going on there. It would have been better to see this part of the story wrapped up before the solicitation for Arkham Manor came out but such as it is, the getting there should be interesting. Another good issue continuing the run of them on Batman Eternal.

4 out of 5

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