Issue by Issue – Nightbreed #11 (2014)

Writer – Marc Andreyko
Artist – Emmanuel Xerx Javier, Devmalya Pramanik
Colours – Juan Manuel Tumburus
Letters – Ed Dukeshire

Right from the start, Marc Andreyko along with Emmanuel Xerx Javier and Devmalya Pramanik thrust the reader right into the action as Peloquin and a couple of friends, meaning more of the Breed, attack a couple of humans in order to commandeer a car. While killing humans is always a bonus, it is what they do with the car which makes all the difference. As they are doing this, Boone and Lori are under attack by the denizens of Midian, those who are far more monstrous and without rational thought, not to mention the everyday people on the street who have never seen anything like this before and all of it thanks to Ashberry, the insane priest. Said priest thinks he is doing the work of Baphomet and while Boone and Lori only wish to live a normal life in peace, they realize that is never going to be possible while this lunatic wanders the Earth hunting them down. Andreyko creates a frenzied pace in the book, from the first page to the last it flies by in little to no time at all which is a real negative as spending time with these characters happens to be what readers come for and while it was a good read, it definitely needed to be longer. The artwork was good and those who starred within looked as they needed to but it was a little rough around the edges at times and needed just a little polish to really push it over the top. Though this is essentially a story on two fronts, that of Boone and Lori and those who used to live in Midian, they intertwine as they should with the latter being just a bit more interesting as the monsters, mainly Peloquin who continues to shine as the star of the book. With one issue to go until the series ends, one has to wonder just where this is all going and how Andreyko is going to finish it off as it seems like it will be incredibly rushed if he even wraps it all up at all. Suffice it to say, it should be interesting.

3 out of 5

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