Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #7

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Hank Chapman
Aritst – Irv Novick, Ross Andru

Captain Storm’s latest mission is one that he does not relish but do his duty he will do. It begins with an order from an officer that outranks him, an officer that is hitching a ride in order to secure reinforcements but if at any time his life is at stake, he cannot fall into enemy hands and he orders Storm to make sure that he does not. Robert Kanigher gives Capt. Storm a doozy of a mission and readers a great story in the doing of it as the man not only faces down the usual enemy fare – that being a sub and a plane and even a destroyer that manages to scoop up their ship in a net hoping to get the precious cargo Storm is transporting. There is a lot of tension on PT 47, the men unsure of Storms orders at certain points, Storm unsure of what the General has ordered and if he can carry out said order while enemies close in upon them from every direction, word of the General’s position having obviously been leaked. The action that makes its way to the page is brought to startling life by Irv Novick who is a definite superstar and he makes it look incredible and highly thrilling. It is hard to imagine what Kanigher and Novick could have in store next as they continue to outdo themselves with every issue but it does make readers want to come back for more if it continues in this vein. The action continues in a tale called ‘Big Tank – Li’l Tank’ by Hank Chapman and Ross Andru. It finds three large American tanks on a mission, heading through a small town in France when up behind them comes an outdated, small though well-manned vehicle from the previous war. They are eager and ready to take on the Germans but the Americans look at the small tank as a joke and unable to do or add anything of value. That being said and after being dismissed, the men in that tiny little tank follow along and as the book progresses, they turn out to be the only men who can get the job done as it were. It is both funny and exciting to see as each occurrence finds them come out on top until they finally earn the respect of their peers. Once more, the book gives readers two great stories that keep their eyes glued to the page and it could hardly get any better with readers not having it any other way.

4 out of 5

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