Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #6

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Hank Chapman
Aritst – Irv Novick, Joe Kubert

Like most issues, the book opens in the middle of the action and it finds Capt. Storm and his new Jaygee in mortal danger. The story entitle Medals for an Ocean Graveyard should tell readers all they need to know and yet Robert Kanigher and Irv Novick take readers on a journey that begins in the thick of the action before jumping back to the recent past and it is there that Storm is sent out on a mission and where he encounters an enemy destroyer while a sub creeps along below them, mirroring their every move. Storm knows he has to do something and soon if they are to survive the day, especially as the eyes of his men are upon him and so he does just that and yet it costs him the life of his Jaygee. Back home, Storm is not only given a new Jaygee who looks down upon PT boats and those who man them but some medals with the leeway to give them to whomever he feels worthy for he is called to ship out again immediately. The immediacy of the mission means that the enemy is on the move and so, with a reluctant crewmember, Storm sets out and it is not long before danger finds them. Along the way, Kanigher introduces readers to three crew members, his writing packed with characterization and though they are only in the book for a short minute, they are memorable and their eventual sacrifice a tragedy. It is after these three men die that the action picks up even further and in the end, PT 47 is sunk but Storm and his Jaygee survive to fight another day, a level of mutual respect is reached and a tender moment from Kanigher leaves the story off on the perfect note. In a second story by Hank Chapman and Joe Kubert entitled Instant Hero, it finds a new recruit looking to make a name for himself and to do that, he has to wait for an assignment. That comes sooner than later and as the story progresses, he finds himself up against some Nazis all by his lonesome with a choice to make and it is one he does not want to do. As with every issue of Capt. Storm, the book features tension and drama, action and suspense and all of it done in the very best of manners and this issue is no different than those that preceded it. A great book on all fronts that is definitely worth the time to search it out.

4 out of 5

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