Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. #42

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Vince Argondezzi
Inker – Tony DeZuniga, Al Vey
Colours – Shelley Eiber
Letters – Jean Simek

Lyta is not a happy camper at the moment as with this very issue, she has been forced to go on maternity leave. Even Mr. Bones understands that it is not 1944 anymore and that women can continue working while pregnant but in a sense, Skyman does have a point as the line of work they are in is highly dangerous and if something happened to either Lyta or the baby, it would be a tragedy. Of all the people on the team, Mr. Bones understands and he seems to be making a connection with Fury, a strange turn of events for sure as the man seems to be going through something of a personality change. Out of everything that is going on in the book at the moment, it is this that Roy Thomas has made far more interesting than anything else. The reformation of a villain always makes for a good read and in this case, Mr. Bones who has always been quite the dastardly fellow is now turning out to be the most intriguing and charismatic member of the team. While there are a few other happenings that take place over the course of the issue, it is the tale involving Fury once again that makes for good reading and it follows her back to the mansion which her ex-husband Hector Hall calls home. Lyta finds that things are not as they seem, for the house is all boarded up and behind those boards are stone walls, built from within which sends a red flag immediately. Needing answers, needing to know, Lyta busts in and with a little searching, finds her husband who is no longer what he was, who declares that he is now the Silver Scarab and nothing more and along with the woman named Hastor, assaults Lyta with a vicious kick to the stomach. What this all means and how this story moves forward remains to be seen obviously but it definitely leaves readers wanting to see more. What does the Silver Scarab have planned and will Lyta even make it out of that house alive? Questions abound which makes for a great ending to a very good issue.

3.5 out of 5

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