Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #5

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Irv Novick

Together, Robert Kanigher and Irv Novick have crafted a very fine title in Capt. Storm and they continue to do so in its fifth issue with a book-length tale entitled Killer Torpedo. It is as it suggests, a story about just that but it begins with Storm and his crew aboard PT 47 taking care of business on the high seas against those threats which present themselves above and below the waves. The action is fantastic and thrilling, Novick doing a great job as usual in making it all come to life and Kanigher who writes this tale makes Storm a hero every time he leads his men to victory. For the men on the boat, he is a hero through and through and a skipper they know they can count on when they get in a pinch and it all seems lost. All of this leads to a mission and a very special mission at that. As it stands, two PT boats have been lost due to some type of malfunction, or at least as far as command can tell and they need to know what happened if they are to move forward using these torpedoes that the sunken boats were equipped with. Throughout the book, readers will have already seen that it is Capt. Storm who gets the honour of testing out these torpedoes while trying to recreate what happened to the other ships and there is a part of him that is deathly frightened, not for himself but for his crew. What happens if it all goes wrong again and he loses another crew? It is doubt and fear that plague him and for the longest time as the book moves on, he refuses to bring those torpedoes to bear and sadly, the crew sees it. Storm also notices that they are starting to lose just the slightest bit of respect for him and that cuts just as deep. So it is that when the moment calls out for it, when the predicament they are in cannot get any worse, Storm calls for their usage and after the first launch, it all goes wrong. Luckily, Storm is a man known for pulling his fat out of the fire as it were and when he and the men see what is happening, they know that there is not only something wrong but it is all thanks to the enemy in some way, shape or form and they mean to make the villains pay for it. Kanigher does a great job with the characterization throughout the book, not just of Storm but his crew as a collective whole too and readers cannot help but get invested in the story which is exactly what one should be. Will they die, will they survive are but two of the questions which are always on the mind when reading this book and though one might make an educated guess, it still makes it all so very much exciting, each panel building the tension and the suspense until it finally breaks in a fantastic manner. A great read through and through.

4.5 out of 5

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