Issue by Issue – Hercules Vol.4 #2

Writer – Dan Abnett
Artist – Luke Ross, Emilio Laiso
Colours – GURU-eFX
Letters – Joe Sabino

By any standard, Hercules lives a normal life one that you might call humble knowing the demigod. Currently, he shares an apartment with Gilgamesh – The Forgotten One and he has started to look at his life seriously, wanting to be taken seriously and not looked at as a joke anymore. After decades of drinking and carousing and not caring what people thought he now wants to be the hero he once was, beloved by all. To that effect he has resumed heroing, no tasks too big or too small and as such also utilizes today’s technology to help him do so. It is a fresh approach to the character courtesy of Dan Abnett, Luke Ross and Emilio Laiso and it works. The book has a little bit of everything like drama and action and even a little bit of humour, unlike previous volumes where humour was the main ingredient and much of what is present is due to his supporting cast which involves Gil and his landlady Sophia. There is even a healthy dose of mystery because someone or something is causing those mythical races of old to disappear and not in a good way either. Abnett treats Herc with respect and here, he really seems to act like the serious, humble hero and he also lets the man flex his intelligence. Hercules has never been stupid and seeing him question what is going on, first with the giants and secondly with Athena, proves that the man has what it takes to do what is needed, and to do so with something more than just his fists. This title, much like many of Marvel’s other new books, was completely unexpected and the fact that it has turned into a really good book was a very pleasant surprise. Suffice it to say, there is a ton of action in the book as Hercules fights a few giants and with a title starring the demigod, you have to know that there is always going to be some epic battles, but now thanks to Abnett, there is a lot more to our hero and this latest title than there ever has been before.

4 out of 5

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