Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #4

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Hank Chapman
Aritst – Irv Novick, Gene Colan

The first of two stories in Capt. Storm is one of both action, excitement and tragedy. The life of a skipper on a PT boat, or that of any role a man might take on the ship, is one of danger as it lurks above, below and on top of the waves and can come from any direction. So it is that the PT 47 gets itself into a bit of action against a camouflaged destroyer and while it definitely seems like Storm and his men are outgunned, with a little ingenuity, he and his men manage to live the day and sink the ship in quite the rousing sequence of panels. Once again it is Irv Novick who brings Robert Kanigher’s story to life and he is definitely the right man for the job, able to make both naval action and tense drama come across to the reader in the best of fashion. As for that drama, Kanigher continues to paint Storm as a man torn by doubt, his wooden leg a visible representation of those feelings and Storm feels it more now than he has in a while as he feels the pressure from his new Jaygee, a man that he feels pities him in some way while looking to gain a command of his own. A further battle takes those doubts and amplifies them and it is then that tragedy strikes as the Jaygee sacrifices his own life for his captain and as he dies, he also manages to take out the enemy while Storm pays tribute and it is absolutely heart-wrenching, Kanigher truly outdoing himself with this ending. A second tale finds Hank Chapman and Gene Colan give readers a story of a Frogman whose mission fails more than once and after each failure, he loses a man making him despondent about ever accomplishing it. On his third try, he has a new tadpole accompanying him and this time it is his little brother and he knows that on this outing, he must accomplish the mission or risk the life of his own flesh and blood. The story is thrilling, to say the least, and it also keeps things fresh for the reader by presenting something new and not often seen in a war book. As it is, the mission fraught with peril looks to be lost at one point but with a little determination and fortitude, the Frogman pulls out a win and saves his brother in the process. A great set of tales in a truly great book.

4 out of 5

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