Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. #41

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Vince Argondezzi
Inker – Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Jean Simek

After the previous issue that found the Thunderbolt triumphant over Jonni Thunder, this story takes place immediately after with the Thunderbolt also having captured Skyman and meaning to make him the latest vessel for another being of lightning, another Thunderbolt. Said plan is going better than what readers might expect and the book soon cuts away to some of the other Infinitors who have yet to be made aware of the situation. Author Roy Thomas does not leave as such for very long though and soon enough, Wildcat and Nuklon are on their way to the rescue – Fury having to stay at home due to her pregnancy with the rest of the Infinitors joining them along the way. Finding the comatose bodies of Skyman and Jonni Thunder, the team discovers, with thanks to Lt. Sanchez, that they need to head to Peru if they are to help their fallen comrades, though little does the team realize just what it is they are walking into. For the latter half of the book, it is packed with action as the team faces off against the Thunderbolts, the power of those mystical creatures being extremely formidable and it is almost too much for the team to handle. What is most surprising is that Brainwave is able to hold off the female Thunderbolt, all through the power of his mind which should have been impossible. As it is, Brainwave must be far more powerful than first realized as he has definitely been pushed to the limit and that gives the team enough time to rally and defeat the monsters once and for all. Putting all that action aside which Vince Argondezzi and Tony DeZuniga illustrate quite well, Thomas also fills the book with little bits of drama to make it interesting such as one of the opening scenes featuring Wildcat and Nuklon who discuss the strange interactions that had happened the other night between them and Lyta. It is definitely one of the more interesting storylines happening in the book at one point and should the two not become a couple, it would be most disappointing.

3 out of 5

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