Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. Special #1

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Vince Argondezzi
Inker – Mike Gustovich, Arne Starr
Colours – Anthony Tollin
Letters – Jean Simek

Continued from The Outsiders Special, this final part of the story finds Skyman in a Markovian prison, members of both teams captured and held prisoner by Baron Bedlam and the Force of July respectively and any hope of escape quite hopeless. As it turns out and as one might guess from the cover of this issue, the real villain of the piece is not Baron Bedlam but Psycho-Pirate, in disguise and looking to cement a permanent win over the Infinitors with the Markovian kingdom a bonus. Opposite Psycho-Pirate is the man he made a deal with, one Abraham Lincoln Carlyle who has employed the Force of July to aid him in the destruction of The Outsiders and the Infinitors and together, the two men have done a good job at disassembling the two teams to the point where their only hope might lay in Mr. Bones who seems to have turned traitor. Suffice it to say, first one team is freed thanks to that aforementioned former villain while the other is let loose thanks to the quick thinking of Geo-Force and it is not long before the bad guys have been defeated. If there is one thing that this book manages to point out, it is that Force of July was criminally underused in the DCU at large, though they did manage to put in other appearances during The Outsiders run and later, in the Suicide Squad’s book. If there was one man that could have made that team great, it would have been Roy Thomas and though he does paint them as a very credible threat here, they could have been a great set of villains for the Infinitors to face in their own book. As for the rest of it, while the overall story was decent and the artwork appealing, it was far too long and very wordy, almost feeling like there were at least two to three issues of dialogue in these pages. It did not necessarily take away from anything, it just felt like it would never end thereby making one almost lose interest until it finally started to pick up during the second half. Compared to other issues of Infinity Inc., this one was simply all right though it was great to see the team interacting with The Outsiders and Force of July.

3 out of 5

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