Issue by Issue – Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #6

Writer – Joe Casey
Artist – Nathan Fox, Nick Dragotta, Michel Fiffe, Jim Mahfood, Benjamin Marra, Dan McDaid, Tradd Moore, Grant Morrison, Jim Rugg
Colours – Brad Simpson
Letters – Simon Bowland

With this issue, Captain Victory’s latest adventure comes to a close and it is a little sad as it has been one very exciting ride from the very first. Readers have seen battles with enemies fierce, both alien and human, clones, concepts and wonders and all of them from the minds of Joe Casey, Nathan Fox and a team of rotating artists. This issue sees Klavus finally finding his Captain, or at least a part of him while the rest of the crew races to find the other half and to reunite them before Ranger Command shuts them down and Victory is lost to them forever. It is an exciting finale to an incredibly exciting series and it is more than a bit of a shame that it never turned into an ongoing title instead of just hanging around for a limited time. Captain of the ship, Joe Casey has done a fantastic job of creating a story worthy of our hero and with the help of Nathan Fox to realize it, it has been one of the best science-fiction comics to debut from any publisher in quite a while. Everything about it was exceedingly creative and fully realized from the cast who are an incredibly diverse bunch of characters to the mission itself which seemed a normal one at first but was given a twist when it was found that Victory had been split off into different parts. The team of artists that joined Nathan Fox on this issue, and every issue, were a very diverse bunch and really added a great vibe to the book that made the latter half fly by with a lightning pace. Being such a fun book, it is a shame that it had to end, so hopefully at some point Dynamite brings it back with the creative team intact to give us some more, fantastic stories.

4 out of 5

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