Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #1

Writer – Robert Kanigher
Artist – Irv Novick

The first issue of Capt. Storm finds the man in charge of a PT boat in the South Pacific during World War II. Things do not go well for the man on his first mission as a captain as he runs afoul of a Japanese sub. When things finally calm down, Storm has lost all of his men, has injured his leg and now has himself a new goal in life – to find that Japanese sub that has made a ruin of him. So it is that Capt. Storm, now laid up in a hospital and retired from active duty, decides that he will captain another boat no matter what it takes and while he has a wooden leg that works against him on more than one level, he will fight to get in the best shape of his life and gain that command, not only for himself but for his fallen men. Robert Kanigher writes an excellent tale, an origin story that shows the reader just who Capt. Storm is, what it is that makes the man tick and what readers can expect going forward with the man. Making this chronicle come alive is Irv Novick who makes the naval action that takes place not only a lot of fun but quite exciting too. One can easily imagine the danger that takes place upon the waves as the PT boats go up against the unknown on a daily basis, of the dangers that lurk below and above the waves and it is also quite easy to feel for Capt. Storm and the trauma that he went through and the approval he now seeks from his new crew as he tries to prove himself each and every day. As the book progresses, Capt. Storm and his crew encounter multiple dangers and through each one, they manage to pull out a win, most of it thanks to his cunning and a most reliable crew. Eventually, there comes a moment when they encounter a Japanese submarine and while it is not the one that had sunk PT-47, Capt. Storm’s original boat, the sub that would have let him keep the promise he made to himself and the men who died under his command, he will destroy the enemy and earn the respect of his peers in the process. For a first issue, this book started off strong with a creative team that knew exactly what they were doing. If the issues that follow are just as good, it would make Capt. Storm a title well-worth seeking out.

4 out of 5

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