In One Sense, It Was a… – Killer Party (1986)

Killer Party is a slasher that one either loves or hates though there is a bit of middle-ground to be had as one can simply enjoy it for what it tries to be. Some fail to like the comedy or the supernatural elements but once the killings start and the body count starts to rise, there can be no doubt as to how much fun the film actually turns out to be.

Directed by William Fruet and written by Barney Cohen, the pair begin it all like an average teen comedy filled with college students who get up to all sorts of antics. Most of them are perpetrated upon some women who belong to a sorority by those from the local frat house and while it is never something that makes a person laugh out loud or even smile as it all happens to be incredibly cliché, there is a moment or two that it might make a person smirk. Add to the fact that it tends to get a little tedious as one simply wants to see the slashing begin, it is easy to see why some might deride the film. While there are a few bits and bobs as it all moves forward, it is not until the final act of the film when all the main characters attend a costume party and the spirit that inhabits the once-abandoned sorority house begins to take his vengeance out upon the students.

Featuring a beheading by guillotine, numerous stabbings and more, the film does not lack when it comes to victims and as silly as it might be to merge the slasher genre with that of the haunted house, it ends up working quite well and keeps things a little fresh as it leaves viewers guessing as to just who it is that is doing the actual killing. When it comes to the special effects, they were done fairly well and there was nothing that one could deem ridiculous though it would hearken back to The Excorcist just a little bit in the visual department when a possessed Jennifer as played by Joanna Johnson rears her head. After what can only be called a slaughter, the film ends with final girl Vivia pleading with emergency services not to stick her in the ambulance as therein lies certain death, the ghost of the house who died all those years ago, possessing her friend who awaits her with an almost maniacal glee.

The cast does a good job, each one falling into their roles well enough and that would make the viewing experience better for it and despite a somewhat lacklustre beginning, due to the talents within, it would make sticking it out worth it in the end. If there was one thing that would have made it all better, it would have been doing something a little different than the usual college ‘antics’ which one can see in any of the dozens of movies released during the decade. Given that though, the entire affair was entertaining enough and make it worth a gander if the chance should arrive.

3 out of 5

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