Murder Cat Sets Sail – Uninvited (1987)

Some horror films begin innocently enough, much like this one – Uninvited does. It finds a cute and cuddly cat escape from a lab where it was obviously being tested upon and when cornered, hulks out into a ferocious little beast, killing those who stand in its way. Soon, after a little adventure, it finds itself on a yacht where some college kids on Spring Break have shacked up with a pervy older man who also happens to be a criminal. All the cat wants is a bit of love but it seems not everybody is a cat person which means horror to follow.

There is a lot of fun to be had with this movie and it is one that could easily be watched numerous times over but it is also fairly ridiculous at times which just adds to its charm. The cat as it was, just so happened to be the best thing about it all, a truly beautiful little creature who just makes the audience want to cuddle him up though when he gets angry, said cat is pretty horrifying, much to its victims lament. Though it is not obviously all that scary a movie, there is a wee bit of suspense to keep people watching not to mention the question of just what is going to happen to the cat when all is said and done. As it turns out, that happens to be a happy ending – for the cat that is, not for anyone else that might cross paths with it later. One can only hope that said kitty finds himself a nice place to live out the rest of his days without coming to or causing further harm.

The rest of the picture as it were, was not too bad, even the silly parts aside from one where the two main ladies and two of the guys are dancing out of sync as if their lives depended on it to a ballad that was much slower than they were moving. It would not only be hard to watch but make the audience feel embarrassed for them too and if there was one true bit of horror in this film, it was that. There were other witless things that could be mentioned but none as egregious as that and out of everything that did happen, it would all be balanced out by the cat whose murder spree could rival that of any human killer.  As for those kills, there were a few that were slightly gruesome given the blood and whatnot but thanks to the special effects which were both ludicrous and well-done often simultaneously, one had to wonder if they should laugh or cheer or be horrified.  Such as it is, everything in this picture was gold no matter how bad or good it might have been.

Featuring some of the usual 80s shenanigans, a couple of beach bunnies and the great George Kennedy of all people, Uninvited does a superb job of keeping the audience engaged and attentive, whether it be because of the good looking women, the criminal activity or the mutant murder cat. There are some terrible horror movies that came out of the 1980s and while Uninvited is not a great one, it is a load of fun and a movie one can easily watch repeatedly.

3.5 out of 5

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