When Fowl Goes Afoul – Beaks: The Movie (1987)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if so, one has to wonder what Alfred Hitchcock would say about Beaks: The Movie, a film that had so obviously taken its cue from his own The Birds.

As one might guess, the film is about birds, none in particular though a few are pointed out a long the way. More particularly, the movie is about the birds and how they are attacking the human population which is seen in more than one scene throughout the picture and if truth be told, they also happen to be the better moments that take place in the film. The practical effects are not the greatest but the effect is present and it does manage to be slightly disturbing at times, especially when it comes to the kids who are getting attacked. That being said, there is little else that provides any fright though it does provide some laughs, perhaps unwittingly but they are there.

All of this comes about due to the story which was quite poor and at times, made no sense, not to mention every other nonsensical thing that would take place. If there was such a global-like pandemic going on where people are getting attacked and killed as shown within, why would the film not show something being done about it? The dialogue was fairly terrible at times, though whether that was due to the writing or the poor dubbing is unknown and the music was not any better.

In almost every sense of the word, this movie was ridiculous in everything that it tried to do, that is except the aforementioned attack scenes. All that was needed was a movie to frame around them and instead what was delivered was what ended up on the big screen. So if it was so awful, why would anyone continue to watch it then? Simply because horror movies tend to surprise and given that, maybe Beaks: The Movie could have done the very same. Sadly it did not and so, if one cannot get their hands on Hitchcock’s masterpiece and is yearning to see some birds visit their violent tendencies upon the human race, this movie may very well be for them. Then again, maybe not.

1.5 out of 5

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