Issue by Issue – Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #4

Writer – Joe Casey
Artist – Nathan Fox, Benjamin Marra
Colours – Brad Simpson
Letters – Simon Bowland

Captain Victory is still missing and the Dreadnought: Tiger is still on the hunt with its crew getting more and more frustrated. Even with all of their vaunted technology, they still find it impossible to nail down an exact position for their Captain. What it is that is preventing them is unknown but Mister Mind might have an idea to fix that. Meanwhile back on Earth, Victor is having strange dreams and is exhibiting powers that he cannot explain, dreams that seem like they are not his own while his other clone on an alien planet is taking care of business or essentially, just surviving as one would have it. It was hard to expect what readers would get when it was announced that Joe Casey was rebooting this title. The man is known for putting out some of the best works in the last decade and all of them quite different from one another, this could have gone in any direction and turned out to be anything. It was a pleasant surprise then to find that this book was embracing its science-fiction heritage and delivering a tale deeply rooted in the genre. Every issue feels like an episode of classic Star Trek combined with Buck Rogers and to say that it is an enjoyable read is putting it lightly. It is dramatic and action-packed and filled with great character moments throughout. Even the artwork, which is usually a mashup of two to three different artists, and which would normally not work very well, is the opposite here. Whoever it is that Nathan Fox has to work alongside with, fits like a glove and the books are beautiful. Really, there is no other book even currently that has this feel, that looks and reads like this tale does and it not only makes it unique, it makes it stand out far from the pack. The only downside is that this series is not an ongoing title and if Dynamite had been smart, they would have made it so.

4.5 out of 5

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