Issue by Issue – Nightbreed #6 (2014)

Writer – Marc Andreyko
Artist – Piotr Kowlaski, Emmanuel Xerx Javier
Colours – Juan Manuel Tumburus
Letters – Ed Dukeshire

Marc Andreyko continues chronicling the tales of Lude and Annastasjia which sees them finding a little measure of peace after the ordeals they had to go through. Between the two, Lude seems to have had the easier time of it, frolicking in the forest with the local boys and girls, their parents none the wiser. Annastasjia would find it a bit harder to go on with her life after being a famous movie star and all and then finding herself an outcast because of her newfound condition, that being the extra person who grew from her forehead, though eventually, she would make her way to Midian. It is an interesting comparison that Andreyko draws between the two characters, Lude being the literal personification of the devil, though blue-skinned and not necessarily evil, and Annastasjia looking somewhat normal, her life a tragedy while the former goes through life, for the moment, without a care in the world. Emmanuel Xerx Javier and Piotr Kowalski continue to do a fantastic job on the art, really creating a distinctive horror title unlike anything else that was released at the time. At this point, it does seem that Annastasjia`s tale has reached its conclusion, though one does have to wonder if the book will see her in its pages again. There does seem to be a little more to Lude`s story though and the book ends with the promise of Boone’s which is a good thing as it has been a long time in the coming. So far as it stands, the title has definitely been improving with every issue and continues to become more and more interesting with each passing book. Where it is heading is hard to determine at this point as it could literally go off in any direction but there is that feeling like Andreyko is building towards something with this focus upon so many specific characters. Hopefully, it is revealed sooner rather than later so as to keep people reading. A good book through and through.

4 out of 5

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