Stay Out of the… – Tunnels (1989)

It is hard to fathom as to why some might call Tunnels, also called Criminal Act, a horror movie. There might be a moment or two that would make the viewer slightly uncomfortable but other than that, one has to try pretty hard to find anything one might be scared of in this production, never mind anything that could be called horror.

The entire movie deals with tunnels that are discovered underneath the newspaper building where Catherine Bach just so happens to be a reporter and as she has nothing else better to do, why not just go and wander through them in the hopes of finding a story there. Lo and behold they encounter a rat, darkness, a bit of grime and some homeless guy that looks very slightly like a rat. There would be a little more investigating, a bit of romance, a bit of possible romance, a little betrayal and a lot of filler to make this film overstay its welcome and when all was said and done, Bach would get her story and all would be good.

Though the film might have starred Bach and even John Saxon, it did not prevent the entire thing from being a snooze-fest, a movie that just seemed interminably long and one where little would ultimately happen. It would have been great if there was some real horror, suspense, thrills or chills or anything. The picture might have made for decent late-night cable fare but other than that, for those looking to sit down and actually enjoy a movie, Tunnels will not do the trick.

1 out of 5

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