Revenge at a Bargain – Necromancer (1988)

A young woman named Julie as played by Elizabeth Kaitan is raped by a man while his two friends help and as such, she seeks out a bit of revenge with the help of her pal Freda. Said help turns out to take the form of a woman who unknowingly to them, is a necromancer who enjoys nothing more than taking out every violent inclination she has upon men who do wrong. What follows is blood and death upon those who did Julie wrong.

All things considered, this movie should have been a win and yet, thanks to some fairly bad special effects and there being no scares in any form whatsoever, Necromancer ended up being less than the sum of its parts. It was not without trying though as it was somewhat engaging, as the act was cruel and horrifying in itself which would hook the audience in to see what would follow. What might have been the most interesting part was the fact that Julie would choose to go to some random person from a newspaper ad instead of the cops but then if she had, there would likely be no film to follow. With that all said and done, once the deal is made for a measly twenty dollars, those who took out their aggression on Julie are killed off one by one by what looks to be Julie at first, though demonic in appearance. As these killings take place, director Dusty Nelson throws in a little nudity to keep viewers on the hook or perhaps to offset the very shoddy effects which were laughable at best. Making things just a tiny bit worse was the fact that most of the killing would take place off-screen. As far as horror films go, that would not necessarily be a bad thing as many movies would do as such given their limited budgets yet it might have helped given the lack of fright and horror within.

Those who starred within would do an alright job given how ultimately poor the material was, Kaitan in particular but when surrounded with the ridiculousness around her, it is a wonder the film was not marketed more as a comedy than something that would scare the audience. Still, one cannot say that it was unenjoyable as there was just enough here to keep people watching, waiting to see who would die next, if Julie would make it out alive and if she would be able to stop the necromancer she hired. If one can overlook the silliness and the overly familiar plot, Necromancer is not the worst movie one will ever see, simply an okay one.

2 out of 5

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