Issue by Issue – Nightbreed #5 (2014)

Writer – Clive Barker, Marc Andreyko
Artist – Piotr Kowalski, Emmanuel Xerx Javier
Colours – Juan Manuael Tumburus
Letters – Ed Dukeshire

Boone’s history lesson continues with Lude vying to tell his story while Annastasjia tells her own. Annastasjia was once a famous movie star, but when out one night at the bar, a young woman caught her attention. Women being her weakness, Annastasjia attempted to get her attention while the boyfriend was still in the room. A mistake in any day and age. Getting her face cut open she eventually seeks out medical attention which does not go as planned. As for Lude, he was born from the coupling between a young woman and a demon. After seeing how devilish he looked, his mother abandoned him amongst a nest of snakes thinking he would die. Obviously, he did not. This was a nice little issue detailing the origins of two members from the bowels of Midian. There was no plot movement on the previously established storyline of the priest who kills monsters which was a little disappointing but such as it was, there was plenty of entertainment to be had. It seems a little early on in the series to have a filler issue, not that it necessarily was as it did serve a purpose, but it could have fit the origins of Lude and Annastasjia into the ongoing story if tried. The artwork is still top-notch with Emmanuel Xerx Javier coming on board to help out with the Annastasjia sequence and Kowalski handling the remainder of the book. While it is good to see Midian and its residents live again on the printed page, the title still seems slightly unfocused. It feels as if it is wandering here and there, looking to find something to grab ahold of but not knowing what it is. It has been a good read overall so far, but a little more direction would be appreciated. It is still a book good enough to pick up the next issue and more than likely, the one after that too.

3.5 out of 5

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