Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #31

Writer – Uncredited
Artist – Jack Abel

When this issue opens, it does not do so in N’Yark but Hollowood on the opposite coast where a man and a woman are having a bit of fun with some costumes found from a long-ago movie studio. While doing so, they are nearly attacked by a giant moth, newly risen from its cocoon and as they watch, it joins up with others of its kind, cutting a giant swath of destruction across the land, consuming everything in their path. It is not long before the creatures create a trail of devastation across the continent until they finally arrive in N’Yark where it just so happens, Samson makes his home. Though the writer might be uncredited, they along with Jack Abel create a truly fun tale that finds Sharmaine, Mindor and Samson enjoying the day before Samson spots a wild horse which he intends to make his own. After taming it, the beast is cut down by a hunter from the Bron-Ox. The two men face off for a minute until Samson finally has to back down, the lives of his friends hanging in the balance. As the two groups come together, they find themselves at odds for the moment until that is, a threat too great for either of them singly appears – that of the giant moths. Soon, those from the Bron-Ox and those who accompany Samson come together so that they are able to defeat the menace, yet not before Samson and the man called Weyum battle in order that they might settle the grudge between them. Action finds its way to the pages in this book and there is plenty of it as Samson and his newfound friends battle the giant monstrosities in the ruins of Yankee Stadium. Abel does a superb job at making it all come alive on the page and it is somewhat strange to see a somewhat normal type of monster, although gargantuan in size, and not some combination of creatures mutated by the nuclear war from years past. As it is, the book ends on a happy note once more, Samson making some new friends, the creatures defeated and everything, for the moment, right in the world. A great book through and through.

4 out of 5

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