Issue by Issue – Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #2

Writer – Joe Casey
Artist – Nathan Fox, Michel Fiffe
Colours – Brad Simpson
Letters – Simon Bowland

The Galactic Rangers are on the hunt for Captain Victory and they will not leave a man behind. Thus it is that Mister Mind comes up with an idea to trace the Captain no matter where he might be. Meanwhile, Victor, the young and incomplete clone of Captain Victory is on Earth and getting acclimated to his surroundings as well as biting off more than he can chew. On the other side of the universe, the damaged clone of the good Captain is holding his own against the planet and its peoples who only want to give him trouble where he wants none. Hopefully, the Rangers can get to him before something happens that neither they nor the respective Victory’s, want happening. Writer Joe Casey pulls another exciting issue out of the bag with this issue of Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers, one that finds the various incarnations of the main character in predicaments they never thought to find themselves in. The book is well-paced with the Rangers on a mission against time, while on the various planets, Victor and Victory are just doing their thing, unaware of who they truly are and trying to navigate as best they can. The older and scarred Victory might have the better chance of being rescued as he seems to have some semblance of his former identity, though he does not speak and spends most of his time fending off attackers. How long he can keep doing that remains to be seen.  Nathan Fox and Michel Fiffe provide some amazing artwork which is a perfect match for Casey’s story of cloning gone amuck. Each sub-plot looks incredible and has its own feel which is a good thing and while the series is only six issues long, one has to wonder just how they will all tie in together and when.  Given that the Rangers are on the job, it should not be too long until threads start to tie up. With the cliff-hanger the book ended on, it looks like it is going to get pretty interesting quite soon with readers in for a treat.

4 out of 5

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