Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #30

Writer – Arnold Drake
Artist – Jack Abel

Samson, Sharmaine and Mindor have decided to go and gather some supplies from Macy’s and are promptly attacked by a Dawgeon, an abomination that is part dog and part pigeon and larger than a house. Thankfully, Samson is quick on his feet and manages to spear the monstrosity, killing it which will eventually play into author Arnold Drake’s story later on. Inside the store, they notice one of the giant balloons that used to make their way in the parades of the past and Sharmaine, who has gotten quite good with her bow, shoots it and deflates one of its arms. That would end up being a mistake as they are soon attacked once more, this time by a group of men who worship the balloon as a god. Nice to see is Drake doing things just a little differently as the fight, if it can be called that, does not last for long and Mindor is quick to prove that what they did was not on purpose, nor is the balloon a god. Be that as it may, the local witch doctor does not take kindly to what is happening as he sees his power diminishing. So it is that Samson finds one of his oldest foes returned to the book’s pages, that of Queen Terra, still of Jerz who has been trading with these people for some time. Now the witch doctor asks for her help in overthrowing the prince so that he might retain his grip on these people and when she learns that it is Samson below, she is only too happy to help. Drawn by Jack Abel, the man does a great job chronicling the events and once the action starts, the man’s pencils really start to shine as the hero of the book must take on not only an army of men but a flock of Dawgeons who have returned to find out what happened to their missing brethren. While Mindor and the rest of the tribe tried to get rid of the body, it was not soon enough nor fast enough and so all that can be done is to call a truce with Terra and see if they can succeed together where singly they might fail. Drake writes an exceptionally fun tale and just when it seems like there might be a happy ending when it comes to Terra, Drake pulls it away, promising readers that there will be more to come from her in the future. Fun stuff and one of the better stories to make its way into the book in some time.

4 out of 5

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