Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #29

Writer – John Warner
Artist – Jack Abel

Mindor has a surprise for Sharmaine and it just so happens to be a boat that he and Samson have been working on. She, of course, is delighted but it does not last for long as they are attacked by a Spidbat, a mutant creature that is part spider and part bat and of course, enormous in size. While Samson defeats the creature, it is not soon enough for Mindor finds himself poisoned and getting worse every moment that goes by. Thankfully, the ship ends up at what seems to be some kind of villa and meeting them upon the shore are some knights straight out of the history books. John Warner gives readers a bit of fun with the story with a touch of danger and drama and while it seems like Samson is going to do his thing once again, it is Sharmaine who is called upon to defeat the monster in the book, a monster who just happens to be a unicorn and it is one that can cure Mindor if she can claim its horn for her own. All of this comes about due to a prophecy that the Baron and his men believe in and they mean to make it come true whether Samson or Sharmaine like it or not. So it is that Samson sits in prison while Sharmaine is sent off to fight the beast but as readers might guess, it all manages to work out in the end as it is Samson once again who takes care of the monster. As happy endings are being handed out, Mindor gets his cure in a roundabout way, the knights are freed from the Baron thanks to the unicorn and everyone goes their own separate ways to do as they please. Drawn by artist Jack Abel, the man does a good job at making the pages pop when he needs to and there is a lot of excitement and good action to be had, especially when it comes to the latter half of the book with the battle against the unicorn. Warner makes things interesting as he tries to do things a little differently with this issue and it is good to see Sharmaine once gain get a bit of the spotlight throughout the book. Amusing and more than agreeable, this issue did everything right.

4 out of 5

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