Issue by Issue – Nightbreed #2 (2014)

Writer – Marc Andreyko
Artist – Piotr Kowalski
Colours – Juan Manuel Tumburus
Letters – Ed Dukeshire

This second issue picks right up from where the previous one left off with Peloquin and his new compatriot watching one of her friends being tortured as they step in to put a stop to it. Peloquin’s anger is as monstrous as his visage and he takes the fight to the tormentors but they are many and he is only one, his companion getting herself caught in a trap. Meanwhile, Shuna Sassi’s time as a prostitute is over when she kills her senator client after he becomes violent, something which she knows she should not have done, finding herself kicked out of her ‘home’ and forced to go on the run. By the end of the book, readers have seen the two protagonists make their way to Midian thanks to the man called Lylesburg and the issue cuts to the present where it is left on a big reveal which any fan of the book or the movie will enjoy. This was another fun and quickly paced issue which was great by being so, the action and the events within flitting by in no time at all but it is also its biggest fault. The book has twenty-four pages, but it reads so fast that it does not even seem like there are half that many and for those that want to spend some time with these beings will have to wait for the next issue to arrive. Piotr Kowalski is a solid artist and it is nice to see his drawings take their cue from the film in the likeness department. Creating a connection between those that have seen the movie and the readers of the book is a smart move and creates a bit of cohesiveness between the various Nightbreed properties. A little more meat on the bones would not be a bad thing in the story department, the characters are so incredibly interesting even in the short outings they have had thus far but as it is, Andreyko and Kowalski are doing a great job and makes those who pick this book up, yearn for more.

3.5 out of 5

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