Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #28

Writer – Paul Newman
Artist – Jack Abel

Samson and his friends have discovered a fantastic garden tended to by what look to be some friendly people. Idyllic as it might seem though, the people are soon attacked by creatures from the sky ridden by what look to be the knights of old. Rushing out to save them, Samson does his best to do just that and it is then that he and Mindor realize that the suits of armour are empty – the attackers ghosts or something far more malevolent. Later that night, Samson hears voices in his head and is unable to resist them, something he heard earlier but had somehow gone away. Now it is persistent and following that voice, he arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where a race of mankind, whose minds have evolved while their bodies grew week are now able to control things through telekinesis and telepathy. This group of men, as written and drawn by Paul Newman and Jack Abel, are slowly starving to death as they are unable to do physically what they once were able and due to the world they live in, they assume force is what is required to gather the sustenance they need. To that effect, Samson becomes their slave and he is needed to procure food from the garden seen earlier in the book so that the inhabitants of the museum might live. Abel draws with a steady hand and as such, the book looks great, the action sequences exciting and the character designs interesting. The story for its part is a good one, perhaps not one wholly original as readers have seen large-headed humans before in various media but it works and makes for a fun time. Samson of course does not remain a slave to their machinations for very long as Mindor has a plan, much like he always has a plan and it only seems like moments until the giant of a man is free and this new tribe defeated. That being said, there is a happy ending as all of the parties work out a type of peace treaty so that food is offered in exchange for protection and everyone is better off than when they began all thanks Samson and his friends once again.

3.5 out of 5

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