Issue by Issue – Black Knight Vol.3 #5

Writer – Frank Tieri
Artist – Luca Pizzari
Colours – Antonio Fabela, Andrew Crossley
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

With this fifth issue, the Black Knight’s adventures come to a close and they do so not with a bang, but in a truncated sort of fashion that tells the reader that there was more to come but things had to be wrapped up due to cancellation. It was not as if Frank Tieri did not tie things up because he did but it would have been a bit more satisfying to see what would have unfolded if the book was given the room to breathe a little bit more. As it is, the story sees Dane regain possession of the Ebony Blade from Steve Rogers and the introduction of Hydra to Weirdworld, having gone through a portal back during World War II. It also tells readers how Dane deposed the former leader of his kingdom, who was himself a descendent of those Hydra personnel and his attempt to wrest it back from the Black Knight. Tieri’s writing is sharp and he does a great job of getting to the point of the story he is trying to tell, which is definitely a good thing. The artwork by Luca Pizzari is probably the best that the series has seen so far and it looks truly great during the action sequences that are peppered throughout the book. One of the better things that Tieri does though, is leave the conclusion open-ended so that perhaps one day, he or another writer can come in and pick up where he left off. The chances of that are slim-to-none, but it would be a wondrous and wonderful thing if somebody did continue Dane’s adventures in Weirdworld at some point in time. There are endless possibilities given what readers have seen in this series and those that have come before and the fact that this has to end is sad.  A very good series, maybe not as good as others, but buried beneath a sea of titles released by Marvel and never really given a chance to shine as it like those promoted far above it..

3.5 out of 5

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